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Greetings from CANESTAR!

Welcome to World of Innovation in Agriculture Start-up Company & its International Business.

About Directors of the Company

Creative Minds With The Extraordinary Skills

Cane man Tushar Kamat

Founder Director
Young Entrepreneur who is always in search of something new & exploits such innovative ideas into gainful opportunities by accepting the risk with the enterprise.

Cane woman Vidhima Kamat

Co-Founder & Director
Young Dynamic Woman who believes in ethical values & working towards generating woman empowerment.

About our Mentor

Dr. Jagat Shah: (For International Business)

Since last 23 years, he runs Global Network: www.globalnetworkindia.com, an international trade advisory firm. His company consults Corporates & SME’s on international market strategy & approach. His company has led 114 trade & investment delegations from India to abroad for pre-fixed Business to business (B2B) meets. Company has also hosted 34 delegations from abroad to India, including those of overseas premiers’ for trade & investment match making with government, public & private sector companies. He was the Trade Commissioner of Government of Manitoba, Canada in India for trade & investment for nine years.


CANESTAR AGRO FOODS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, is recognised Start-up by ministry of commerce & industry Government of India. It is owned and managed by Mr. Tushar R. Kamat & Mrs. Vidhima T. Kamat. Company was incorporated in Jan 2018. Since inception the company’s core business has been Jaggery Export & developing innovative jaggery & Jaggery confectionary products, Sugarcane juice flavours line which has expanded globally and having footprints across world & pan India. We are rated and awarded as the best in jaggery business & its innovations from Experts. We operate with a dedicated team of professionals, who acquire premium quality products from its most trusted producers and offer it to the clients in flawless state with the desired quality.


To generate Awareness & Create a large following for Sugarcane juice innovating products by offering healthy, fresh, naturally sweet & healthy jaggery confectionary & beverages (Flavours). Serving a wide Variety of sugarcane juice products with all natural flavouring & “To serve our clients the best in the market with highest quality and ethical standards”.


To offer consumers of the world Jaggery, Jaggery Confectionary & Healthy sugarcane juice innovative products under the highest standard of hygiene & served in several natural flavours without altering the taste, thereby helping the company achieve its Vision by enhancing quality of jaggery manufacturing through improved post-harvest processes, technology, management and value addition.

Company Philosophy

‘Think Big — Start Small’

Being ambitious is absolutely crucial. You and your team need an overall vision to keep going day after day and feel like you are contributing and building something big, plus providing a service or product that is genuinely useful and beneficial for people. Break your vision down into manageable chunks and lay them out on your roadmap in your business plan. Set monthly and quarterly objectives and build in regular review dates to assess and revise your targets. If you are optimistic yet realistic, you will see your progress in no time.

About Start-up concept

The biggest difference between small business & start-up is in their top objectives. Small businesses are driven by profitability and stable long-term value, while start-ups are focused on top-end revenue and growth potential. Start-ups work upon community problem solving purpose.

Identify Problems in Market And Our Solutions

About Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is loaded with minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. The large amounts of nutrients in sugarcane juice. It comes with an abundance of nutrients that includes: potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, magnesium, zinc, thiamine, riboflavin and several amino acids. A glass of sugarcane juice (240ml) comes with 180 calories, 30 grams of sugar, and is also high in dietary fibre.

About Jaggery

Jaggery is a sweetener that is made from sugarcane; it is also known as unrefined sugar, which is prepared without the separation of molasses and crystals and is mostly produced in India and Africa. The colour of the gur ranges from golden brown to dark brown in colour. It is used to make several Indian desserts and is known as a healthy replacement of sugar, primarily because it is unprocessed. It may not look very appealing to some, but it does have various health benefits to look out for.